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Clinical Supervision
Madeline and Mary


Our Approach

We support your growth

Minette Psychotherapy’s clinical leadership provides regular guidance and oversight for staff. Clinical supervision is provided to our clinical staff and student interns in an individual and group modality. Attention is given to ongoing care as well as emerging client problems,

consistent with our philosophy to promote Culturally humble and Evidence-Based Practices.


Minette Psychotherapy is fully committed to offering clinical staff and interns a supervisory experience comprised of interest, empathy, acceptance, and openness from the supervisor. Staff and students are made to feel comfortable in our learning and teaching environment. At Minette Psychotherapy the supervisory process is one where the supervisor will help the staff to integrate their clinical training, experiences, resources and inner strengths to achieve the highest standards of effective clinical practice.

Field Instruction
At the Library

Field Supervision Internship Opportunities
at Minette

Refer a client to
Minette LCSW Psychotherapy 

To complete a referral, click on the PDF link below. Please contact us, if you have additional questions about our referral process. 

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