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Adult Services

Individual and Couples Therapy and Diagnostic Evaluations

Individual Psychotherapy:

Individual counseling/psychotherapy is a process in which the therapist establishes a professional relationship with the client in order to alleviate emotional distress, change patterns of behavior that are no longer working for the client, and encourage personal growth and development to improve functioning at home, work and in their community. Individual psychotherapy may also focus on symptom management, which involves developing coping skills and techniques to enable the client to recognize the onset of their symptoms and engage in activities designed to prevent, manage, or reduce these symptoms.

Couples Therapy:

Couples therapy is a is a type of psychotherapy that can help couples improve their communication and resolve conflicts. The therapist uses specialized therapeutic techniques to explore and address the relationship dynamics and interactions that impact each partner’s emotions and behaviors.

Diagnostic Evaluations:

Psychosocial evaluations are conducted for adults that would like an evaluation of their mental health and to determine if they have a mental health diagnosis. A written report is provided to the adult. 

Consultations for Adults

We offer 60-minute coaching/consultations for individuals who would like to work through a particular problem or concern but are not interested in pursuing consistent psychotherapy services at this time.

              Online             Virtual Session Available

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