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Welcome to Minette  LCSW Psychotherapy

We are proud to be Latina Social Workers here to serve
you and your family.

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We aim to provide mental health services that treat and address the effects of many of the concerns prevalent in the communities we serve: trauma, depression and anxiety as a result of poverty, insecure housing, racism, harassment, and discrimination. We also aim to be a bridge for young children with developmental delays by providing evaluations and referring them to early intervention or preschool programs and services. 

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At Minette Psychotherapy Services, we are committed to helping you and your loved ones improve your mental health and wellbeing. Our approach is patient-centric, highly accessible, comprehensive, and culturally competent to meet the needs of increasingly diverse communities.


Our team of dedicated and experienced therapists is here to help kids, teens, parents, families, couples, and you in crafting a healthy and fulfilling life. We meet you where you are, help you pursue worthy goals, and support you as you face life’s challenges. Together, we help you restore your mental wellbeing to promote positive and lasting change in your life

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Our Commitment

Our Values

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We understand that those we serve want to be better spouses, friends, and relatives, and their desire to be the best people they can be. To that end, we promote dignity and respect towards all who take the brave step to find healing within our practice. 

We envision a practice where those we serve have access to information and treatment that can help them improve their mental and emotional health and achieve harmony, thus promoting healthier families and communities

Our Services 

Youth Services

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Support Groups

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Adult Services (Therapy and Groups)

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Parenting Help 

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Madeline Maldonado


About Us

Madeline Maldonado, LCSW - R

Madeline Maldonado is a licensed clinical social worker with over 20 years of experience in program administration, clinical supervision & trainings, psychotherapy, diagnostic evaluations, and social work consulting. Madeline’s greatest joy is to motivate and inspire her clients & other professionals as an agent of hope & change.


Kindness and humor are her trademark. Madeline has dedicated her career to helping people and seeking to improve systems and organizations that work with, and service people. As a professor and Social Work Consultant, she trains students and professionals on how to work within the current mental health system with less stress, secondary trauma and burnout.

Mary Taveras Garcia, LCSW

Mary Taveras Garcia, LCSW, CASAC is a licensed clinical social worker with over 20 years of experience in program administration, clinical supervision psychotherapy, and autism evaluation services.


Mary has a master's degree in Social Work from Fordham University and a bachelor's degree in psychology from Lehman College of CUNY and is a Certified Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor (CASAC).  She was the director of the ALICIA M. FERRER Mental Health Clinic from July 12, 2012 – February 26, 2022. 


Mary Taveras Garcia,


Our Approach

Health, Wellbeing, Trust

Our approach is holistic and family and child centered. Our services are culturally humble and integrate the individual’s or family’s values and their preferred language.

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Contributions and Features



In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, Madeline shares about her experiences as a psychotherapist in the Latino community with her trademark humor. She shares her story of breaking barriers and advocating for Latinx mental health professionals and clients. Madeline also shares tools that anyone can use to help cope and manage during these challenging times.

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Dealing with Microaggressions in the Workplace

From addressing pay inequities, dealing with microaggressions in the workplace, to finding her worth as a Latina woman, Madeline opens up and shares with us her journey to becoming the strong, courageous Latino woman she is today. 

Speaking Engagements 

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"Social workers have been an integral part of our nation for decades, playing key roles in the Civil Rights and Women’s Rights movements, and pushing for social programs we now take for granted, including the minimum wage, a 40-hour work week, Social Security and Medicare. As our nation continues to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic, systemic racism, economic inequality, global warming, and other crises, the NASW-NYC encourages all social workers to look to the 2022 Social Work Month theme, The Time is Right for Social Work.


The second annual NASW-NYC #WeSeeYou Luncheon, held during National Women's History Month/Social Work Month aims to honor and acknowledge the many contributions of women-identifying social workers in NYC. This year, the NASW-NYC hosts a panel of incredible women-identifying social workers who will give us insight and perspective into how they incorporate this year's theme in their work".

You take care of everything.
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